Overwatch Name Change Like Cole Cassidy
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Dark Horse Comics’ ‘Overwatch: New Blood’ Features Cole Cassidy

Dark Horse Comics has released an Overwatch five-issue digital comic series called Overwatch: New Blood featuring Cole Cassidy.

Dark Horse Comics has partnered with Blizzard Entertainment to publish a digital comic series based on the action-packed video game.

About ‘Overwatch: New Blood’

The comic series will feature the recently renamed character, Cole Cassidy. In the comics, the central character is on a mission to find new heroes for his new Overwatch team. It will also feature callbacks to the original game. The comic series is suitable for 12+ years of age.

Overwatch New Blood comic

In the first issue, Cole Cassidy works as a mercenary. Later, he is called upon by an old friend and given a push to relaunch Overwatch and revamp it to make it his own and fight for those who can’t defend themselves, as per Screen Rant.

About The Creators

Ray Fawkes is the writer of the five-issue series who has penned such books as Black Hammer ‘45 and Constantine. Irene Koh is the illustrator who was the main artist for the Turf Wars trilogy of The Legend of Korra comics. 

The letterer of the series is Deron Bennet who has worked on Overwatch: Tracer– London Calling as well as on DC Comics’ Batgirl. Suzanne Geary and Mariel Rodriguez are the colorists.

Comic Series Launch

The launch of Overwatch: New Blood coincided on November 9 with the New Blood Challenge by Overwatch of Cole Cassidy. In the challenge, Cassidy goes on a mission to gather new heroes for Overwatch. Fans will be able to control every step the hero takes along the way. Moreover, the new mini-event which has already begun will end on November 23.

The first issue of the new Overwatch digital comic series from Dark Horse Comics is now available on multiple platforms including Dark Horse Digital and ComiXology. 

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