Dafran Sinatraa
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Dafran Claps Back At Streamers, eSports Orgs For Calling Sinatraa Guilty

Former Danish streamer Daniel “dafran” Francesca is displeased by all the streamers and organizations who called Jay “sinatraa” Won guilty.

Valorant star, sinatraa was accused of sexual abuse by his ex-girlfriend Cleo ‘cle0h’ Hernandez. Cleo uploaded a nine-page Word document on Twitter. The document consisted of audio, screenshots, and personal accounts of the abuse she experienced while dating sinatraa.

On May 17, Riot announced that sinatraa would be suspended for six months for being uncooperative in the investigation.

‘dafran’ Expresses His Support For ‘sinatraa’ And Slams Streamers And Organizations

Daniel showed his support for Jay in a recent tweet. He wrote that he is no longer banned and a lot of teams are interested in him. He added that Cleo dropped the charges and said that he was disappointed by all the streamers and organizations who immediately judged him as guilty.

Cleo responded on Twitter that she hasn’t dropped the charges. She also wrote that dafran is off his rocker.

However, this isn’t the first time that Daniel has expressed support for Jay. Earlier, He wrote on Twitter that they have to wait for sinatraa’s side of the story.

He added that E-girls can be scary as a Twitch streamer and they will try to alter evidence and then ruin you. He said that Cleo isn’t the one although she could be.

The tweet didn’t go well with netizens and they slammed him. However, even after the severe backlash, he retaliated to the criticism by saying that people are stupid and the public is gaining too much power.

Now the six-month suspension of Jay has come to an end. Cleo has revealed that she has stopped pursuing the police investigation.

In a now-deleted tweet, Cleo states that she has dropped the case because the focus on the investigation was ruining her mental health and was even making her feel suicidal.

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Rahul Macwan

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