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D.Va Ultimate Glitch Is Still Prominent, ‘Overwatch’ Players Want Answers

Much to the chagrin of Overwatch players, D.Va has had a bug with her ultimate since the game’s launch in 2016.

Overwatch players are baffled why the D.Va ultimate bug still occurs, per Dexerto. The Tank hero’s Self-Destruct is one of the most popular ultimates in Overwatch. The D.Va ULT has multiple uses.

After she uses her ULT, D.Va can remech without any harm and get back to fighting as normal. However, there’s a glitch that’s restricting this from happening. Overwatch players aren’t sure why the game developer, Blizzard Entertainment hasn’t fixed it.

The ultimate of D.Va has had several bugs in the past. However, this is the most annoying one. Reddit user, SlimyMelon shared a clip showing this bug after using her ULT While using the ultimate, D.Va gets thrown out of her mech and gets teleported out of the map.

D.Va failed to reactivate her ultimate to get her mech back and eventually fell to her death. Although this is unlikely to happen every time a player uses the ultimate, it has been happening for several years. Last year, user RainbowHeals reported the same glitch on the Blizzard forum.

Blizzard Forum

“A bug as old as time, nobody seems to know why it happens, and blizzard doesn’t seem to fix it(either can’t or won’t),” one user commented. “I had the same Problem on this map Years ago,” another user pointed out.

Some players raised concerns over Blizzard’s lack of intention in addressing the problematic glitch. Overwatch players aren’t sure why the game developer hasn’t tried fixing the glitch in a meaningful way, particularly when it is affecting the game’s most iconic heroes.

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