Overwatch D.Va Bug
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D.Va Player Experiences Glitch In ‘Overwatch’ Match, Gets Trapped In Sky

During an Overwatch match, a D.Va player experienced a bug in the game and got trapped in the sky above the map. Overwatch 2 hasn’t yet been released and players continue to play the first installment.

In the 5 years since the game’s launch, players have experienced bugs in the game and were vexed. Earlier, players saw that the D.Va ultimate bug still exists. Gamers were confused as to why the bug wasn’t fixed by the developers.

The bug that annoyed them the most was the one in which D.Va gets thrown out of her mech and gets teleported out of the map. Later, D.Va failed to reactivate her ultimate to get her mech back and eventually fell to her death.

Who is D.Va in Overwatch?

D.Va is a Tank character. She can deal a stream of damage and nullify incoming attacks for a short time. She is suited in her mech which is equipped with twin Fusion Cannons that do not need reloading.

Some of the abilities included in her kit are Fusion Cannons, Boosters, Micro Missiles, and a Defensive Matrix.

D.Va Player Trapped in Sky

Reddit user avenajpg uploaded a video titled “D.Va had said they were stuck at some point and nobody listened. Based on the footage, no lies were told.”

The gamer was playing a match on the Mexican map Dorado. Initially, everything was perfect. However, while floating high above the map, the D.Va player was trapped in the sky and there was no way to get down.

The player’s teammates waved and said hello to the stranded mech pilot. Ultimately, to get rid of the bug, the enemy team had to assassinate the D.Va player.

Some players have speculated that the reason for the bug could be that the D.Va player broke through the skybox and couldn’t re-enter the playable area.

Overwatch 2 is expected to release before the summer of 2022.

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