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Corpse Husband says he is worried that his overzealous fans will reveal his true identity

Corpse Husband is a popular music artist and content creator on YouTube. His popularity can be partly attributed to the mystery surrounding his identity. He refuses to show his face.

However, Corpse Husband is worried that his overzealous fans will end up revealing his true identity. He propelled to popularity last year, in part because of the Among Us craze. He was a horror narrator, before garnering popularity for his humorous collaborations with other internet personalities in the Whodunnit game.

Aside from that, he even built a massively successful music career. Fans are partly fascinated due to the fact that they do not know how Corpse Husband looks like. Much to the chagrin of his fans, they can only hear his deep voice due to his extremely private nature.

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The internet is teeming with fan-made avatars that show a caricature of him, and fans are even supportive of his privacy. However, every time he shows his hands, his fans end up breaking the internet. Corpse is understandably worried that someone will take things a bit too far someday.


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During a recent broadcast with friend Valkyrae, Corpse spoke about the real fear he has regarding this possibility. Although the fellow streamers joked around about the issue, Dexerto suggests that it is a point of concern for him.

“That scares me, like what if someone yells my name in real life from outside my window, or like someone walks by and yells their address and what if my doorbell rings?” Corpse said.

“You don’t want your chat to hear the doorbell,” Valkyrae confirmed.

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“If someone’s gonna go through every house and ring every doorbell and wait until they hear mine on stream ever. It’s a rational fear. Come on, Valkyrae! Thank you for validating my fear, Valkyrae.”

“It’s very possible,” she conceded. “That’s good yeah, don’t let them hear the doorbell, because if one person does it, they all will!”

In an earlier broadcast, Valkyrae revealed that Corpse’s fear of people has reached a point where he hesitates to even answer phone calls for doctors’ appointments. She claimed that he is afraid that they might “leak his address or expose him.”

Corpse’s fanbase understands his anxieties. His fans provide him a bit of comfort. It is worth mentioning here that most social media stars get stalked.


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