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Corpse Husband Reveals When Will He Start Streaming Again

Corpse Husband might be gearing up for a Twitch comeback after the YouTube star revealed that he would return to the platform when he “feels like it.”

Although Corpse Husband has started uploading YouTube videos, the musician has not streamed on YouTube or Twitch for a long time. Much to the chagrin of his 1.2 million followers on Twitch, his account on the Amazon-owned platform doesn’t even have past broadcasts.

His most recent YouTube stream came back in May. Now, he has answered fans’ burning questions about when his next stream may potentially be.

Corpse Husband Teases His Twitch Return

Corpse made an appearance on Kkatamina’s stream, while she continued sleeping during the subathon, which helped her gain 436K followers. She went on to become the most-subbed female streamer in Twitch’s history due to the subathon.

While chatting with viewers, Corpse talked about when his next stream may be. Aside from that, he divulged his thoughts on streaming in general.

“Corpse are you gonna stream again? Hmm, no. Oh s**t, people are gonna take that seriously,” he said while answering a fan’s question. “Here come the clip channels. Uhm, I don’t know. Maybe at some point.”

Corpse Husband Reveals What It Will Take For Him To Stream Again

He went on to shed more light on what it would take to get him to stream again. “I’ll stream when I feel like it. I don’t know. Which is like, never. There’s gotta be something that makes me, I wanted to with Crab Game a little bit. ”

Topic starts at 16:10:38

Leaving his fans excited at the end, Corpse said, ‘We will see.” It is no secret that he isn’t bent on streaming anytime soon. However, there is a possibility something might surface that will be interesting enough for him to stream.

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