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Corpse Husband Explains Why He Is Rejecting Music Label Deals

American musician and YouTuber Corpse Husband said that he is turning down multi-million dollar music label deals.

In the past year, Corpse Husband has gained huge popularity on social media. He has achieved success as a faceless YouTuber and a music artist.

Corpse Husband has garnered over 7.57 million subscribers on YouTube. He started as a horror narration YouTuber and has now turned into an internet sensation.

After horror narration on YouTube, he began streaming Among Us. Around September 2020, he became insanely popular. His videos playing the game with other popular streamers like Valkyrae, PewDiePie, Sykkuno, and more; fetched more views than his horror narration videos.

Alongside being a streamer and content creator, Corpse Husband also runs his music channel. As of now, the channel has 2.54 million subscribers. His original tunes have also emerged successful.

On September 10, in an audio recording, he thanked his fans for bringing his latest song, “HOT DEMON B!TCHES NEAR U,” to 11 million streams despite the track being released on the same day as literally the world’s biggest debut album ever.

The content creator further revealed that he is turning down “multi-million dollar” deals with music labels in favor of “working with people who I truly f**k with” — and it’s all thanks to his fans that he’s able to do so.

Corpse Husband said that his fans are changing things, and they don’t even know it. He added that by the end of the year he will share many different sides of his art, whether that’s with visuals, songs, designs, or something else.

The musician also said that he wants to develop his signature sound throughout his growth as an artist. He hopes that his fans will still be there at the end.

Thus, it’s clear that Corpse Husband isn’t making any major deals and is committed to creating content for his fans.


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