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CoD 2022 Leak Says The Game Will Be A Sequel To Modern Warfare 2019

An industry insider recently provided a CoD 2022 leak. The leak claimed that the game is internally known as “Project Cortez” and it will be a sequel to Modern Warfare 2019.

With Call of Duty: Vanguard all set to release November 5, 2021; Tom Henderson, an industry insider, has revealed some details about the franchise’s 2022 installment.

In 2019, Infinity Ward released Modern Warfare with Warzone. After which, Treyarch released Black Ops Cold War in 2020. Finally, Sledgehammer Games are about to release Call of Duty: Vanguard in 2021.

Henderson is a notable leaker. He had previously claimed that the GTA Remastered Trilogy is will most likely release in 2022.

Earlier, he wrote about CoD that the “next 2 games after Vanguard are currently just boots on the ground.”

CoD 2022 Leak By Tom Henderson

Now Henderson has revealed information on CoD 2022. He wrote on Twitter that the codename for CoD 2022 is “Project Cortez.” He also added that it is expected to be a sequel to Modern Warfare 2019.

People observed a plethora of unreleased, formerly undisclosed games using a testing page for NVIDIA GeForce NOW. The list also included many already announced and revealed games.

Other Details

An internal developer name was used for many of the unannounced games rather than an official name. Among those was a new CoD title: “Project Cortez — Activision Blizzard — Infinity Ward.”

People had speculated that this could be the codename for CoD 2022. This information has now been verified by Henderson.

Infinity Ward released Modern Warfare with Warzone in 2019. Millions of gamers have played MW19. Thus, the game has become the most successful CoD title ever. Although many players appreciated the game, certain professional players were displeased with several aspects.

Although Henderson has provided some key details, Activision hasn’t officially revealed any information on the franchise’s upcoming installment.

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