Clix to go toe-to-toe against NRG’s Unknown? ‘Its time’

Clix Vs Unknown

Clix Vs Unknown: Taking to his Twitter earlier today, pro Fortnite Player For NRG, Clix shared a picture of himself and Dominick “Unknown” Green with the caption, “its time…,” hinting at a potential MSF vs NRG showdown.

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While the tweet had garnered 13.5K likes and had been retweeted 317 times at the time of writing, details about it are still scarce. Nevertheless, TSM OPS commented, “this could actually happen.”

While the rest of his Twitter followers seem to disprove the idea of the two players locking horns, one commenter appreciated Clix’s effort to help Unknown. “Generous of you to revive Unknown’s career,” the commenter added.

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What do you think about the tweet shared by Clix today? Would you like to see Clix Vs Unknown? Let us know in the comments section below. Stay tuned here for more updates.

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