Overwatch Cassidy’s New Blood Challenge
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Cassidy’s New Blood Challenge For ‘Overwatch’ Announced

After renaming Jesse McCree To Cole Cassidy, Overwatch announced a limited-time event for the character called the New Blood Challenge.

Earlier, Blizzard mentioned that they would not have any IRL references in the game. Thus, they took down Jeff Kaplan’s tributes on Overwatch 2 New York map.

They also renamed Jesse McCree to Cole Cassidy as a developer shares the same name. However, Blizzard mentioned that the previous content of the character will remain unaltered. They added that this affects content moving forward, both in-game and out.

Moreover, due to the renaming, players have an opportunity to change their BattleTag for free. Now, after this major update, Overwatch has decided to launch something new for the Damage hero.

‘Overwatch’ Announces New Blood Challenge For Cole Cassidy

Overwatch has officially announced the New Blood Challenge. It is a new mini-event for Cole Cassidy. The event will start on November 9 and end on November 23.

Usually, in Overwatch’s hero event, players get a chance to unlock a new hero icon, spray, and skin. One may expect to find these items in the new hero event as well.

In this event, players will likely have to play and win games to earn points to unlock rewards. The rewards may consist of various sprays for the hero.

The event may have a total of 27 games which will likely be broken up into levels of nine games played. 

The prize for the event is a new skin for Cole Cassidy featuring a new dusty scarf with tan, beige, and sandy-yellow tones, as per DBLTAP. The new skin will have a grey paisley pattern.

As for the release of Overwatch 2, Blizzard has once again delayed it. Fans were speculating that the game will release in 2023. However, an Overwatch community manager, clarified that Blizzard isn’t committed to releasing the sequel in 2023.

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