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CallMeCarson Announces Twitch Return And A Year Long Charity Plan

Carson ‘CallMeCarson’ King has confirmed his Twitch’s return seven months after grooming allegations surfaced. The once-famous Minecraft streamer announced a year-long charity plan to withstand the “negative situation,” and his Twitch return.

Content creator CallMeCarson faced grooming and pedophilia accusations just five days into 2021. One of his fans, known as miniorb, opened up about their experiences with CallMeCarson. The 17-year old fan claimed that they “were still in high school” at the time.

After these allegations surfaced online, Carson went into hiatus, until he made an accidental appearance on June 20 to ask for a “little bit longer” to process the situation. On Aug. 17, Carson teased his return, before resurfacing for good on Aug. 26. He made his return with a YouTube video dubbed, Moving Forward.

“This isn’t gonna be your average YouTuber apology video,” Carson said during his first appearance since the allegations surfaced. “I’m not gonna make it long and drawn out.”

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“I’ve learned a lot over this past year. I’m not seeking forgiveness nor am I looking to make excuses.”

Carson did not talk about the controversy or addressed the allegations, but deviated his focus on a bigger operation called, “Year of Charity.” The streamer will be donating 100 percent of his profit to charity as part of the aforesaid plan. Aside from that, he plans to “raise money for people that need it more” in the next 12 months through a different charity, according to Dexerto.

“Before you start looking at this as an excuse to sweep things under the rug, that’s not what this is,” he stressed.

“I’m doing this to turn a negative situation into something positive that can help a lot of people.”

The Year of Charity marks Carson’s return to Twitch on Sept. 1. “I’m not going to answer any specifics of the situation with me,” Carson said. “Nor am I going to do anything to cause any more drama than there already is.”


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