Buy Zeblaze Hybrid Smartwatch for Just $47.35 from Banggood

Zeblaze Hybrid Smartwatch

Fitness-conscious people usually end up spending a lot of money on smart wearables like smartwatches, fitness bands, and smart bracelets. Those who aren’t willing to spend a lot of money, on the other hand, end up compromising on quality.

If you are looking for a high-end smartwatch that doesn’t cost a bomb, the Zeblaze Hybrid Smartwatch might just fill the bill. The feature-rich smartwatch from Zeblaze has gone up for sale bearing a dropped price tag of just $47.35 on Banggood.

This is a 32 percent reduction in the device’s original selling price of $69.99. Available in two appealing color options including blue and black, the Zeblaze Hybrid smartwatch comes with a gift on Banggood. You get a 20mm Leather Watch Strap Watch Band for Zeblaze HYBRID / Zeblaze VIBE LITE worth $16.99 free with your order.20mm Leather Watch Strap Watch Band for Zeblaze HYBRID / Zeblaze VIBE LITE - Black

Housed in a high-quality case, the Zeblaze HYBRID is a classic smartwatch that offers multiple smart functions. Moreover, it can be synchronized with your smartphone for superior user experience.

The watch allows to the control the time using classical mechanical hands, and the rest of the touch-controlled smart functions can be accessed with touch control on an additional OLED screen.

The watch can continuously track your health, it also keep a track the pulse and blood pressure, by the help of the messenger install in watch you can answer any important call or message, it also calculate the various activity you do in a day, and keep all of this tracks with data about the route, and take care of the distance, speed, and elevation.

The watch battery lasts for three years and about seven days when using smart functions. You can visit this link to check out more details about Zeblaze Hybrid Smartwatch, and place your order. Banggood is offering free shipping on orders over US$19.99.

Alternatively, you can place your order through Auczar by following this link and motivate us to continue bringing amazing deals and unmissable discounts on a wide range of products.

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