Buy FIMI A3 RC Drone Quadcopter for Just $289.99 from Gearbest


Drones usually carry steep price tags, but Gearbest is giving you a chance to buy a high-end drone — the FIMI A3 for a lowered price.

The FIMI A3 gives you accurate flight experience and better control than other RC drones available in the market. It is powered by the FIMI 3rd generation flight control algorithm platform.

It can provide you with unlimited imagination without burning a hole in your pocket. You can make a take-off as you bring the drone since the LCD screen is just equipped, it is built with DVR, friendly UI, ergonomic body design and the control are very easy.

Where to buy

The retail price of FIMI A3 RC Drone Quadcopter GPS is $408.38 but you can get it for just $289.99 from Gearbest by following this link.

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