‘Breath of the Wild’ Cosplayer Recreates An Insanely Accurate Zelda

Breath of the Wild cosplay

A Legend of Zelda cosplayer created a buzz on Instagram after sharing her take on Breath of the Wild’s lead heroine, Zelda.

Breath of the Wild has been considered a masterpiece in open-world design. To celebrate the game’s prequel, Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, a cosplayer cosplayed Zelda.

The details of the cosplay are as follows: Elf-like long ears, blonde braided hair, white coat, brown gloves, neckpiece, dark brown pant, light brown belt, a limited edition Breath of the Wild Switch case as a prop for the Sheikah Slate hanging off her hip. She stood beside a horse.

The cosplayer uploaded the picture and wrote that she felt an EVIL presence nearby and that she wanted to start posting her Zelda photoset with this wonderful pic. She further wrote that EVIL is even the name of this stunning horse and the owner of this horse is “@_justacountry.girl_”.

Photographer ‘gardani_angelica’ captured the artist posing next to a horse, while wearing Zelda’s signature white and brown outfit. The Instagram post has gathered over 4.8k likes at the time of writing.

She posted another picture with the same look and the same horse. The only difference is that this time she was seated on the horse. She wrote that shadow and light are two sides of the same coin. One cannot exist without the other.


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She further added that she was really happy as a lot of people liked the picture. She said that the project was important for her and she was also happy for all the people who helped her reach that target.

Breath of the Wild is getting a direct sequel in the next couple of years. While the release date has not yet been confirmed, many reports slate the title to be set to release alongside the rumored Switch pro sometime in 2021. Watch this space for the latest gaming cosplays!

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