Reinhardt Overwatch Halloween Terror skin
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Blizzard Reveals New Reinhardt Skin For ‘Overwatch’ Halloween Terror

Blizzard has revealed a new Reinhardt Halloween Terror skin prior to the start of the 2021 Overwatch Halloween Terror.

Overwatch Halloween Terror is a seasonal event in Overwatch. This event features exclusive cosmetics, seasonal loot boxes, and an exclusive brawl, Junkenstein’s Revenge. The event first began in 2016.

On October 10, Blizzard announced the 6th annual Halloween Terror event on Twitter. They uploaded a clip wherein a new skin was unveiled. It was an It-style clown look for Roadhog.

As usual, the event will provide new Legendary skins. Also, three new Epics will be available by completing the weekly challenges.

Overwatch Unveils new Reinhardt skin

On October 11, Blizzard revealed a new Reinhardt skin called Draugr. It is an undead creature from the Scandinavian saga literature and folktale.

Draugar live in their graves or royal palaces, often guarding treasure buried with them in their burial mound. They are revenants, or animated corpses with a corporeal body, rather than ghosts which possess intangible spiritual bodies.

Reinhardt will now have a round shield with arrows and a massive axe with blue lighting instead of a hammer. His face is bright with glowing blue eyes.

However, the event skins are only available during the event itself. So, it’s likely that this skin as well won’t be available after the event ends.

If it does end up being a Legendary skin, Draugr Reinhardt will be available to be unlocked in Halloween loot boxes or for 3,000 coins, as per Dexerto.

The Halloween Terror event will also offer rewards to the participating gamers. If you play 9 games, you get an Icon. If it’s 18, you get a Spray and if you play 27 games you’ll receive a Epic skin. The rewards will only unlock after playing 8 games.

The 2021 Overwatch Halloween Terror will start on October 12 and run through November 2.

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