Bill Gates Says Elon Musk Is Not The New Steve Jobs

Bill Gates Elon Musk

Sharing his thoughts on Elon Musk and Steve Jobs, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates offered his insights on two visionaries he has known for quite some time.

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates made an appearance for an interview with Bloomberg Technology. When asked about his thoughts on Tesla CEO Elon Musk and former Apple chief executive Steve Jobs, the billionaire philanthropist, having known both men, shed light on both visionaries.

During his recently concluded interview with Bloomberg Technology‘s Erik Schatzker, Gates explained touting Elon Musk as the “next Steve Jobs” may be completely inaccurate. Gates pointed out that Musk and his EV movement associates were able to develop compelling alternatives to internal combustion-powered cars, describing it as truly admirable and a noteworthy contribution to the climate change effort.

Furthermore, Gates acknowledged that Musk was able to come up with a high-quality electric car, and despite the vehicles carrying steep price tags, they have captured the EV market, which is estimated to grow. The Bloomberg host then deviated the conversation to comparisons that have been brought forward about Musk and the late Jobs, a visionary responsible for multiple breakthroughs in consumer tech through innovative devices such as the iPhone and the iPad.

Being familiar with both Musk and Jobs, Schatzker asked Gates if he thought comparisons between the two men were proper. “Elon Musk has built a great electric car. He’s designed and built reusable rockets. He’s an innovator in tunneling technology,” Schatzker said.

The Bloomberg host went on to point out that Gates knew Jobs relatively well, noting that Microsoft and Apple were rivals. He also recalled that Microsoft, when Gates was the CEO, invested in Apple before asking him if he thought describing Musk as the new Steve Jobs was appropriate.

“Is he the new Steve Jobs?” he asked. Without wasting a lot of time, Gates responded claiming such comparisons are “pretty much gross oversimplifications.” He explained that Musk and Jobs are different people, with the former being more of a hands-on engineer, and the latter being a marketing and design genius.

Without directly referring to Musk as a genius, like the former Apple CEO, Gates hit the nail on the head in his evaluation of the Tesla CEO, who has a reputation for being a hands-on worker. “If you know people personally, then that kind of gross oversimplification seems strange,” he said.

“Elon’s more of a hands-on engineer, Steve was a genius at design and picking people and marketing. You wouldn’t walk into the room and confuse them with each other,” Gates explained. One of the top billionaires in the world today, Musk is known as a builder by heart.

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