Avatar The Last Airbender Princess Azula
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Avatar: The Last Airbender Cosplayer Shoots Red And Blue Flames As Princess Azula

Avatar: The Last Airbender cosplayer Anika Erbe took social media by storm by sharing some awe-inspiring pictures of her shooting duo-colored flames as Princess Azula.

Princess Azula has a reputation for constantly annoying the main characters in Avatar. She is bent on getting her hands on Aang, as well as her brother Zuko. Her rep for being a talented fire-bending prodigy hides deep-seated mental health issues that are connected to the difficult childhood that turned her into a power-hungry, sadistic, and manipulative person.

Despite being one of the main antagonists in Avatar: The Last Airbender, Princess Azula is a popular choice among cosplayers. Her popularity can be attributed to her interesting and complex character.

Germany based cosplayer Anika Erbe took social media by storm by showing off her frighteningly accurate version of Princess Azula. “Well, what choice do I have? Trust is for fools!” she captioned the picture. “Fear is the only reliable way. Even you fear me,” she wrote.

The lovely @holetoanotheruniverse was so nice to edit this photo for me, and she did such a great job!” she added. “This will forever be one of my favorite cosplays. Original design by @hannah_alexander_artwork.”

Designed and created by Hannah Alexander, the costume is a little different from the standard one. It features the same red, black, and gold armor and boots, coupled with more extravagance and elegance embroidery.

Anika shared another picture into a cosplay contest, showing off her bending flames in front of some incredible architecture. Although she didn’t win, Anika grabbed a spot in the top-ten.

“Here is the Azula picture I submitted for the cosplay contest,” she wrote. “I got the seventh place with it. II originally wanted to go with the blue version, but the flames looked so unnatural that I decided against it. Which picture is your favorite?

Princess Azula is understandably not a fan-favorite character, but seeing her brought to life in such impressive detail is fantastic. Meanwhile, Anika’s cosplay continues to rack up several likes.

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