‘Attack on Titan’ Cosplayer Transforms Herself Into Sharpshooter Sasha Blouse

Attack on Titan Sasha Blouse

Attack on Titan cosplayer and Twitch Affiliate Mangoe showed off her incredible Sasha Blouse cosplay on Instagram.

Making its debut back in 2013, Attack on Titan Season 4 is drawing closer to its end, much to the chagrin of those who followed the series since its first episode. The story and its characters, including Sasha Blouse, will live on in the hearts of fans long after it comes to an end.

Sasha Blouse wasn’t originally introduced as the main character, but since she played a vital role in the story, she soon became a fan-favorite, while garnering huge popularity among cosplayers. A slender woman, Sasha has brown hair tied into a ponytail, with bangs hanging on each side of her face.

She has light gold eyes and looks badass in her Survey Corps uniform. It is also worth mentioning here that she is one of the best sharpshooters in the hit series. Cosplayers are attracted to her for multiple reasons, but the most significant one is her love for potatoes – an easy-to-access prop that adds a hilarious spin.

Chicago based cosplayer Magoe decided to give it a go and she nailed it. “The moment before Sasha reaches for you, takes your hand, and you both frolic through the potato fields,” she captioned the picture.


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The simple outfit includes a typical Survey Corps uniform with a grey shirt underneath. With spot-on hair, Mangoe captured the pose and expression to perfection. For the photo, she stood in what appears to be a dry field next to some large rocks, adding a sense of atmosphere and charm to the picture.


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“Let’s share a potato for old time’s sake,” she captioned the second shot referencing Sasha’s obsession with potatoes. She is sitting cross-legged on a rock holding a potato.

She garnered over a whopping 20,000 likes between the two photos, and these numbers are likely to keep on growing. Let us know what you think about her cosplay in the comments section below and stay tuned here for the more jaw-dropping cosplays.

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