‘Attack on Titan’ Cosplayer Shows Off Her Stunning Recreation Of Hang Zoe On IG

Attack on Titan Hang Zoe

An Attack on Titan cosplayer, Miyu took the internet by storm with her awe-inspiration version of Hang Zoe.

An Attack on Titan cosplayer, Miyu (miyu_ameya) showed off her stunning recreation of the Survey Corps’ powerful and genius commander, Hang Zoe. They are known for their remarkable intelligence, as well as a passion for knowledge.

Hange is also likely to have violent fits of anger, meaning, they have a darker side as well. Despite hiding a darker side beneath the surface, and playing a mad scientist of a sort, they still play an important role when it comes to saving humanity.

Hange Zoe isn’t as popular as Mikasa Ackerman and Sasha Blouse in the cosplay community, but they still make appearances from time to time and the cosplays are usually flawless. A talented cosplayer, Miyu decided to give it a shot, and it turned out to be one of the most popular Hange Zoe cosplay to date.


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“Today has to be my lucky day! Cause you just look Like my next experiment,” she captioned the pictures. At the time of writing, the post had garnered over 23,000 likes since she posted it in Dec. 2020. Her fans on social media have described it as everything from “awesome” to “great” and even “perfect.”


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A post shared by 🌸Miyu🌸 (@miyu_ameya)

The cosplay captures every detail Hange’s Survey Corps outfit, with Miya including the glasses, cape, straps, jacket, shirt, and even her hair looks the real deal. Hange Zoe’s appearance changes repeatedly in the series, but Miyu has done such an outstanding job that it’s still nice to see them in their outfit from an earlier episode.

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