‘Attack on Titan’ Cosplayer Brings Mikasa Ackerman To Life

Attack on Titan cosplay

Attack on Titan: The eagerly awaited show Attack on Titans’ fourth season is about to premiere this winter and a fan of that show has cosplayed the central character of the series i.e Mikasa Ackerman.

The anime series was an adaptation of Attack on Titans by Hajime Isayama. The series charts the adventures of Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman, and Armin Arlert, who join the Scout Regiment to fight Titans who breached the wall of their hometown.

Since the inception of the series, the fictional character Mikasa Ackerman has garnered admiration from fans all across the globe. Due to the immense popularity of Mikasa, she has been cosplayed several times and has become the most cosplayed character from the series in the long run.

A cosplayer named ‘jeisuzukii’ uploaded a picture of her on Instagram cosplaying Mikasa. She wrote that she put her heart and soul into the edit and got some suggestions on the editing from her photographer, Tiger, and finally uploaded the end product. She further told the viewers to share their opinion on the upload.

The details of her cosplay were as follows: short and silky black hair, and a red scarf tied on her neck (considered as essentials for Mikasa cosplay), Scout Regiment uniform i.e brown leather jacket with a pair of white and blue wings on the shoulder called “Wings of freedom” that symbolizes the hope of escaping the tyranny of the Titans.

The cosplayer was on the rooftops with a sword in her hand. Though the background of the picture was ostensibly apocryphal, it received commendation by other Instagram users. The cosplay as a whole was considered ‘stunning’ and ‘well-detailed’.

The ending of the third season left fans desperately waiting for the final season of the show. The fourth season of Attack on Titans will premiere on Dec 7, 2020. Watch this space for more gaming cosplays!

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