‘Apex Legends’ Wraith Cosplay Gets Respawn’s Seal Of Approval

Apex Legends Wraith cosplay

Touted as one of Apex Legends’ most popular characters, Wraith sports a nervous, troubled look and attitude, but a cosplayer has radically overhauled the whirlwind fighter’s personality while perfecting her trademark look.

Usually dressed in purple and black, and sporting raven black hair, metal studs, and whited-out eyes, Wraith has a spine-tingling aesthetic. The character’s look complements her personality and lore, considering she is a prisoner who had experiments conducted upon her before she wakes up as an amnesiac with mysterious, faint voices in her head.

Although Wraith looks like the inspiration for Hot Topic and Dolls Kill’s darker collections, a cosplayer and Twitch streamer by the name of ‘NessPhace’ has undercut her personality while flawlessly mimicking her appearance. The NessPhace version of Wraith is less Interdimensional Skirmisher and rather a bit more closer in terms of attitude to the teenagers who frequent to the aforesaid fashion retailer stores.

Even the official Apex Legends Twitter account couldn’t refrain from responding and playing along with NessPhace’s cosplay. Wraith has a brooding, troubled voice lines in Apex Legends. She says things like, “There’s a thin line between life and death. You can find me there.” Or she’ll even deliver some dramatic, angsty quips like she just finished reading an existentialist Friedrich Nietzsche piece: “Death… like winter… is unavoidable.”

while NessPhace’s cosplay is near flawless, her personality is closer to a teenage scene kid flirting, “What if we both took portal? JK…unless.” Awkwardly rotating in her gamer chair with pointer fingers directed inwards, the NessPhace Wraith is one that wants to share portals to the Void together, making her cosplay a stark deviation from the infamous TTV Wraiths who fancy dropping by themselves and leaving once they’re killed.

In addition to the community’s positive reaction to NessPhace’s new-look Wraith, even Respawn Entertainment couldn’t help but get involved. The games’ official Twitter account responded to her tweet with a message: “Unless…”

Watch this space for the latest cosplays and gaming news.

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