Apex Legends Tips To Use Wraith’s Portal To Block Enemy Escape Route

Apex Legends Wraith

Apex Legends players have a simple, yet effective tip up their sleeve that could wreak havoc on the enemy’s game if their greed gets out of control, and they decide to chase Wraith and her teammates using a portal.

A whirlwind fighter, Wraith has established herself as the game’s most popular legend, loyal fans of the free-to-play battle royale have been gaining an advantage over each other with the most effective ways to play as the Interdimensional Skirmisher. While some players opt to dart around Kings Canyon and World’s Edge, and light up the kill feed with unbelievable elimination totals, or adopt a slower approach, one thing that doesn’t tend to change is her portal.

Players have taken advantage of the portal when it comes to slowing enemies down, but now, another equally helpful use for it has surfaced online. Cashing in on this newfangled advantage, players will be able to force the enemies to enter a chokehold that they will not be able to break away from.

This simple trick was originally unveiled by Reddit user reeterdee. It shows if you place a Wraith portal entrance in a doorway, the foes will have no choice but to use it to get their hands on you. You can then place the exit in a spot that you find convenient.

This could be another doorway or a random corner in a room so that even when the enemies try to flank, they would still end up in your clutches. When the enemies try to dart through, they are likely to be baffled and unprepared for a fight. This leads to effortless eliminations, and in their case, a dominant victory.

As you continue to climb through the ranks in the game, you are likely to bump into players who have their own tricks that they would use to catch you out. Moreover, they might also be aware of the idea behind placing the portal by the door. If you are in a lower level game, this tip could come in handy for becoming Apex Champion.

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