Apex Legends Rampart Abilities Revealed In Gameplay Teaser

Apex Legend Rampart-min

In the new Apex Legends Season 6 trailer, there are several moments where there is a new character shown called Ramya Parekh also known as Rampart who is an Indian engineer and will finally debut in-game on August 18.

She is also an expert weapon modder and garner popularity by underground fight clubs and runs her modding shop. These data-mined abilities which comprise buildable armor walls and a huge machine gun ⁠were originally debunked by Apex Legends writer Tom Casiello.

On Tuesday, the Apex Legends had launched the trailer, dubbed “The Endorsement,” the video was 2:18 minutes long. The trailer shows Rampart having a talk with Bangalore and Gibraltar at her mechanic modding shop.

That same night, when Rampart was about to close her shop suddenly a mysterious gang accosts her. She decides to fight with them and this is the moment when every viewer gets to see Rampart’s potential in-game abilities in action for the very first time.

In the video, she is very calm and smartly attacks the gang members with some kicks and punches and she is also seen using some of her weapons in the video. Among those weapons, Rampart is firing shots at a huge robot using a machine gun called Sheila and while she has covered herself with her mounted barrier.

The original leaks said the Season 6 legend would have a huge mounted machine gun “that anyone can use”. So that’s how the views see Rampart’s abilities for the first time ever and they are now very excited to play the game with her.

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