‘Apex Legends’ Likely To Get New Gadget Weapon

Apex Legends Weapons

Fans of Apex Legends have been enjoying Season 6 and much to their delight, the fast-paced battle royale could be slated to receive a myriad of new content.

Dataminers leave no stone unturned when it comes to figuring out what’s coming to Apex Legends. In addition to LTMs, new heirlooms, and events, some hawk-eyed data miners have discovered a new weapon headed straight to the game.

Community leaker Shrugtal suggests Respawn Entertainment will be taking the wraps off a few other things during this season. A new datamine hints at several things coming to the game, including a special gadget weapon that was teased during the game developer’s recent stream.

The data miner suggests Respawn Entertainment could be adding non-combat throwables to the game, based on what was found in the game’s files. Regrettably, Shrugtal wasn’t able to test the new gadget, but he claims to have an idea of what these weapons could be.

The data miner suggests non-combat gadgets could comprise several things such as smoke grenade. In other words, they allude to weapons that do not inflict serious damage to enemies.

Details about when these weapons will be made available to Apex Legends players are still few and far between. Moreover, it is unclear whether these weapons will be a permanent addition or are just part of an LTM.

Given that they are already within the game’s files, the non-combat throwables could be coming soon, adding new depths to Apex Legends. On the downside, some players have raised concerns about smoke grenade-like throwable making Bangalore an obsolete character as she is the only one capable of damaging the enemies using her smoke bombs.

There could be other non-combat throwables that will be making appearances in the game later. The arc star, thermite grenade, and frag grenade are the only throwable weapons in the game at the moment. They have been in the game since day one, and Respawn Entertainment is yet to introduce a new throwable.

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