‘Apex Legends’ Cosplay: Sosenka Creates Flawless Loba Costume

Sosenka Apex Legends Loba Cosplay

One Apex Legends fan has come up with what can be deemed as one of the best cosplays for Loba we have seen since the High society Thief was first released at the start o Season 4.

Loba made her debut in Apex in May of 2020, and since then the quick-handed Legend has become a fan favorite due to her ability to pull the most high-value loot off the map, despite her Burglar’s Best Friend ability hangs by a thread at the best of times.

Fans of Apex Legends have witnessed some great costumes of Loba since her debut, but very few come close to the near-flawless one shared by Polish cosplayer ‘Sosenka.’ Looking at a side by side shot of the artist next to her cosplay, you are likely to think its two different people entirely, with Loba herself marking her foray into the real world.

Sosenka’s Loba is as detailed as you could possibly get – from the hair to the makeup, all the way down to the wolf tattoo which is placed perfectly just beneath her neck. In terms of accessories, this one is teeming with all the bells and whistles.

Her wolf staff looks impressive, but details about its ability to flight or steal the loot for the surrounding area are still scarce. On top of that, Sosenka wore yellow colored contacts, giving her the Legend’s yellow canine eyes.

Aside from Apex Legends, the Polish artist does a lot of other stuff including makeup, sculpting, skating, and more. One look at her Instagram and you will see everything from Team Rocket’s Jesse to a Gandalf that makes her look like an old man.

While there’s no dearth of great examples, we think that Loba is one of Sosenka’s best cosplays yet. If you haven’t checked out Zelina Vega’s version of Loba, you can check it out here.

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