Apex Legends Ash trailer
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‘Apex Legends’ Ash Trailer: Respawn Revamps ‘Titanfall 2’ Scene Featuring Ash

The Apex Legends – Stories from the Outlands trailer paid tribute to Titanfall 2 origin featuring Ash and gamers are liking it.

Ashleigh ‘Ash’ Reid is a Simulacrum Pilot and the quaternary antagonist of Titanfall 2. Initially, she was an elite Pilot. Kuben Blisk subsequently hired Ash and she joined the Apex Predators.

Moreover, Ash appears to practice martial arts or yoga, even as a simulacrum. One of her multiplayer introductions is giving a Chinese palm-to-fist salute and bow to the Pilots on her dropship.

While another shows her performing the tree pose (Vrikshasana) or the “invisible chair” exercise before opening the dropship’s hatch.

Apex Legends Trailer Pays Tribute To Ash

Respawn Entertainment has decided to bring back Ash into the battle royale. Aside from that, the developers gave the character her own Stories from the Outlands, named ‘Ashes to Ash’, to indicate her release.

After Ashleigh betrays Horizon, and is waiting to die, she turns into the Simulacrum Ash, who plays a pivotal role as an antagonist in Titanfall 2.

The character has already appeared in Apex Legends as the announcer for the Arenas mode. Moreover, there will be new weapons like the C.A.R. SMG, which is also a callback to the Titanfall series.

Ash appears in an era-appropriate visual of red mist in the original. However, here the developers recreated the last moment of Ash in Titanfall 2 from a fresh perspective to drive the narrative for Apex Legends’ new Stories from the Outlands.

The gaming community highlight the similarities between the game’s cinematic and the TF2 callback, and they were pleased.

However, the functions of Ash’s kit are yet unknown. The character may have the Simulacrum’s memories and those of Dr. Reid, according to a report by Polygon.

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