Amouranth Twitch Ban lifted
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Amouranth Twitch Ban Lifted, TikTok & Instagram Accounts Still Offline

Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa has been unbanned on Twitch after 3 days, however, her TikTok and Instagram accounts are still suspended.

On October 8, Amouranth was banned on Twitch for the fifth time since 2019. She was also restricted on Instagram and TikTok.

The reason for her Twitch is still unknown. She posted a picture of herself and wrote that she is banned everywhere.

On her alternate Twitter account, Kaitlyn said that getting deplatformed everywhere is a bizzare feeling. She sais that she would post on YouTube all weekend.

She also promised to upload a video on YouTube wherein she would talk about the suspension of her accounts. In the video she said that she doesn’t know the reason for her ban.

Amouranth sarcastically commented that sarcastically, that her content is family-friendly.

Amouranth Gets Unbanned On Twitch

All earlier bans of Amouranth on Twitch were temporary. Her third ban in May 2020 lasted for a day. Her fifth and latest ban as well appears to be temporary and not permanent.

Twitch partner and software engineer ‘CommanderRoot’ posted a picture which was a section of a code file. It provided information on Amouranth. A field in the code labelled ‘isPartner’ was true.

This indicated that she is still a partner with Twitch. If a user is permanently banned on Twitch then that user is no longer a partner.

However, here it says that Amouranth is still a partner. Thus, based on this information, it can be said that Amouranth’s ban was for only a few days.

Her TikTok and Instagram accounts are still banned. Twitter account is still active and recently she got verified. She mentioned about the verification of her account on Twitter. She wrote, “Guess who got verified FINALLY?”

Amouranth is the most-watched female streamer of Q3 with 12.1 million views overall, according to a report by Stream Hatchet.

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