Amouranth Tops New Twitch Categories
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Amouranth Tops The New Non-Gaming Twitch Category

Twitch has added a new category to its platform called “Animals, Aquariums, and Zoos” and the top female streamer of the category is Amouranth.

The non-gaming categories of Twitch include IRL, Music, Talk Shows, Just Chatting, and ASMR. IRL was the major non-gaming category. 

However, Just Chatting also gained a lot of attention due to hot tub streams. The category became controversial and Twitch decided to add a new category called ‘Pools, Beaches, and Hot Tubs.’

Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa streamed in the Just Chatting category and turned out to be the most popular hot tub streamer.

Twitch Introduces New Category, Amouranth Tops In It

Now the American live streaming service has introduced a new category named ‘Animals, Aquariums, and Zoos.’

New Twitch category added on November 2

This new category is made exclusively for animal streams. According to a blog post by Twitch, Animal Week is a celebration of the joy and life animals provide.

Amouranth has entered into this latest category. She was streaming from a horse stable. On the day the new category was introduced, Amouranth’s stream in that category garnered over 8,000 viewers. Ultimately, she topped this category as well.

Streamer Esfand reacted to Amouranth’s stream. He said: “did they really make a new category for Amouranth? Are you serious? They really made Amouranth a new category again. First hot tubs and now this!”

He added that it is unbelievable and also clapped for her saying that a new category shows up and she immediately streams in the new category.

Earlier in an interview with Kotaku, Amouranth had revealed that she wanted to build an animal sanctuary. 

She said that her dog passed away from bloat at midnight and she couldn’t get into the vet in time. Thus, the animal sanctuary became her purpose and she has decided to dedicate her life towards it.

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