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Amouranth Hits Back At Twitch Trolls, ‘They Never Call Me Broke’

Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa clapped back at her Twitch trolls with a perfect reply during a recent stream, while addressing a slew of other issues.

The Twitch streamer’s IRL content garnered huge popularity on the Amazon-owned platform. Despite her skyrocketing popularity on Twitch, Amouranth has been subject to a lot of criticism. On top of that, she has been called a lot of vulgar things throughout her life.

She recently had a perfect opportunity to hit back at trolls. She has a huge fanbase on various social media platforms including Twitch, Twitter, and Instagram. Although some people consider her content to be controversial, she has an extremely supportive community.

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Furthermore, she has been undeterred despite all the hate. Amouranth has a reputation for pushing the boundaries of the internet and limits of Twitch, with more than a whopping 4.2 million followers on the platform. Regrettably, fame has its disadvantages.

Several people try to put Amouranth down for the type of content she makes. Finally, the internet personality decided to hit back at the trolls and haters, telling them it doesn’t matter what they call her.

Shooting back at her haters, she said, “in chat and off the platform I get called: w***e, s**t, s***k, s**g, ugly, fat, stupid, b***h, but you know what they’ve never called me? Broke!”

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According to Amouranth, she is being called these hurtful things because it doesn’t affect her. After all, no one has ever called her broke. She is being called a lot of derogatory names, but she looks on the bright side.

These trolls can be quite annoying, but the hate doesn’t seem to upset her because she has made a lot of money from her fan base. She revealed that she makes 1.3 million dollars a month from her content. Aside from that, she is currently working on two exciting projects, including a documentary produced by a big media organization.

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