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Amouranth Buys $1M Birthday Gift For Herself

Twitch, Instagram, and Youtube sensation Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa has bought a gift worth $1M as her birthday present. 

The star who has received incredible fan following from Twitch knows how to be in news or let us say, ‘Stays in news’. Amouranth is undoubtedly one of the most successful streamers on Twitch. 

Last few days, Amouranth has documented her massive purchases on her Twitter account. In her most recent purchase Amouranth spent $1M for her birthday, as per Dexerto.

Amouranth Gifts A $1M Worth Present For Birthday 


The social media sensation Kaitlyn announced on Twitter that she purchased a whopping $1M worth of Visa in stock. She tweeted saying, ‘I bought myself a million dollars of Visa Stock for my birthday!’

Subsequently, this news left her numerous fans in a state of absolute bewilderment. Kaitlynn received criticism from her fans for her choice of investment, to which she had a detailed reply on Twitter. 

The young social media star said, ‘A lot of people are criticizing me for lack of diversification.  visa $V is my SMALLEST position.  I still have many many months worth of $1m earnings held as “dry powder” in case the market swoons (we can only hope!)’

This purchase comes after a long list of purchases Amouranth made in the past month which includes a gas station and a 7-Eleven.

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