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All You Need To Know About Renaming Of Jesse McCree To Cole Cassidy

Overwatch developers have officially changed the name of Jesse McCree to Cole Cassidy as they have decided not to have any IRL references.

In August, Blizzard announced that they were planning to change the name of Jesse McCree as a developer shares the same name. They mentioned that they would not have any IRL references.

Last Month, Blizzard took down Jeff Kaplan’s tributes on Overwatch 2 New York map. The restaurant named ‘Jephs Corner Pizza’ was now simply called ‘Corner Pizza.’

‘Overwatch’ Developers Rename Jesse McCree to Cole Cassidy

A month after removing Jeff Kaplan’s tributes, Blizzard has now removed another IRL reference. They have renamed Jesse McCree to Cole Cassidy. The new name will be added to Overwatch on Tuesday, October 26.

The name could be a reference to the classic old west film Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. “Cole” could have been chosen as a first name simply because it rolls off the tongue. Or it could be a play on Ashe’s name (Ashe and Cole), according to a report by Dexerto.

Cassidy is a Damage hero in Overwatch. He is always armed with his Peacekeeper revolver. He takes out targets with deadeye precision and dives out of danger with eagle-like speed, as per Fandom.

Blizzard said that although the name has been changed, the previous content will remain unaltered. They added that this affects content moving forward, both in-game and out.

Overwatch Name Change Like Cole Cassidy
Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Initially, if players wanted to change their BattleTag, they had to pay $10 USD for it. However, now due to the update, players have an opportunity to change their BattleTag for free.

Overwatch fans were divided over the new name. Some called it a “fantastic cowboy name,” however, some said that the name sounds “off.”

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel said that nobody will use the new name because they’re too familiar with his old name.

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