Alinity gets in touch with police after unwelcomed fans show up to her house

Alinity Fans

Natalia ‘Alinity’ Mogollon filed a harassment report with the police and criticized her Twitter followers after some of her fans showed up at her house.

Taking to her Twitter account on May 23, Alinity said visiting someone’s house without their permission is a form of harassment. The popular Twitch streamer went on to reveal that she will be reaching out to law enforcement after being harassed by an unwelcomed fan.

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The Canadian-based content creator did not reveal whether she was harassed by a single, or multiple, people. It also remains unclear how far they were able to get when “showing up” at her house.

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Alinity’s tweet garnered mixed reactions including shock at the fan’s behavior and relief that she will be reacting with the appropriate caution. Most fans were glad that she decided to work with the police to ensure her safety.

Aside from noting that she does not tolerate this, Alinity said an incident report will be filed, much to the relief of her hundreds of thousands of followers. Her fans described the stalker’s behavior as crazy, weird, and creepy.

It is still unclear whether there has been any progress with law enforcement or if any arrests have been made. Watch this space for the latest news and reports from Alinity’s camp.

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