Alarm Wins Overwatch League’s 2020 Rookie of the Year Award

Overwatch League’s 2020 Rookie of the Year alarm

Kim “Alarm” Kyeong-bo can add another title to his already impressive resume. The Philadelphia Fusion flex support has been named the Overwatch League Rookie of the Year, thanks to his awe-inspiring play during this year’s season.

Alarm was nominated for the MVP (Most Valuable Player) award earlier in the season, but it went to Kim “Fleta” Byung-sun of the Shanghai Dragons. Earlier this month, Alarm was given a Role Stars award for his stellar performance as flex support.

Been promoted from Philadelphia’s Overwatch Contenders academy team, Fusion University, Alarm was signed to the Philadelphia Fusion during the 2019 offseason. As a part of Fusion University, Alarm played a deadly Zenyatta.

The team went on to win four championships in Contenders North America, and later became T1, which is currently participating in Contenders Korea.

Alarm has moved on to other heroes throughout the 2020 season as the Overwatch League’s meta shifted around balance patches. His ability to effortlessly adjust with a constantly-changing Philadelphia Fusion starting lineup was one of the reasons he has been crowned the Overwatch League Rookie of the Year.

Alarm received the award during the North American All-Stars tournament, with footage of him speaking about what the award would mean to him. His Philadelphia Fusion teammate, off-tank Gael “Poko” Gouzerch spoke about his kindness and dedication within the game as a team member.

The inaugural Rookie of the Year award 2019 went to Kim “Haksal” Hyo-jong for his outstanding play as a DPS, as well as a support within the GOATS meta. Stay tuned in to AuczarPlus for more Esports news and updates!

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