GTA Vice City Tommy Vercetti Cosplay
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A ‘GTA Vice City’ Fan Pulls Off A Budget Tommy Vercetti Cosplay

GTA Vice City fan brought one of the GTA series’ most popular protagonists Tommy Vercetti to life in a cheeky cosplay.

Grand Theft Auto took the gaming realm by storm when it was released back in 1997. GTA is the fifth-best selling video game franchise featuring fan-favorite action-adventure games.

Each of the titles features a myriad of relatable characters. On November 11, Rockstar released  GTA Definitive Editon in a bid to give fans the chance to experience them once again.

GTA Fan Showcases Tommy Vercetti Cosplay

One GTA fan showed off his appreciation for one of the characters in a creative way. This fan posted his budget Tommy Vercetti cosplay on the GTA subreddit earlier this week.

Reddit user, Coles-car_insurance shared what he touts as his own version of the former Forelli Crime Family member, Tommy Vercetti.

Although not exactly the same, the style and the clothes aligned with the protagonist. First off, Vercetti’s trademark button-up was accurate. However, they were not in the same style.

Looking like a Tommy Vercetti from wish, from wish,” one GTA fan on the subreddit wrote. “[A] mix of Tommy Vercetti and Terry Kidumms from Driver Parallel Lines.”

What do you think about this budget Tommy Vercetti cosplay? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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