5 Hottest Female Characters in Video Games Right Now

5 Hottest Female Characters in Video Games Right Now

Female characters in video games receive equal importance as their male counterparts, but in every other game, we see female characters that are stronger, independent, and brave enough. One more thing that we can’t miss about these female characters is that they are very attractive and they are larger than life in a way to inspire that same feeling within their games.

So in this list, we have including female characters from various video games on the basics of their looks and how much they are liked by the gamers. Here are the top 5 attractive female characters in the gaming world.

Loba- Apex Legends

When we talk about Apex Legends video game, the first thing that comes to our minds is that they have some badass villains and various tough challenges but this game is also famous for its protagonists and in our today’s list one of these main characters is involved. 

Her name is Loba Andrade that looks a lot like an attractive thief because of her backstory of picking pockets and stealing things. Dressed up with tide white outfit and she carries a Legendary R-99 gun and with her braided hair, she looks stunning.

Tifa Lockheart – Final Fantasy VII

The next one on our list is a popular Final Fantasy heroine known as Tifa Lockheart, she is one of the most loveable female characters in gaming and grows up to be a very attractive character and the best part about her is that she’s a total badass.

She is also one of the Final Fantasy characters that fight their enemies with their bare hands. Despite being a badass, she is a gentle girl that has beautiful long hair and with her fair facial features, she has earned a special place in most fans’ hearts.

Cidney Aurum – Final Fantasy XV

Cidney Aurum is maybe not among the major characters of the game but she has definitely made an image that cannot be forgotten easily. In the Final Fantasy series, there are lots of female characters that very beautiful and Cidney is surely one of them.

From her curly blonde hair to her tight jean shorts everything shows that a lot of effects have been taken into Cidney’s character design.

Kasumi – Dead Or Alive

In 1996, the Dead or Alive series had started off with some looking characters and one of the most attractive characters is Kasumi that is a part of the game from the first day. Kasumi appears with some kickass fighting skills and has a gentle personality, but the best feature about her is that she has a tall figure and a pretty face that will bring a smile on your face.

Lara Croft – Tomb Raider

For years now, Lara Croft has been a part of the Tomb Raider series and is also known as the most attractive woman gaming. Lara is a smart girl, beautiful, energetic, and is born for adventure. She doesn’t need any fashionable clothes to look good, she is very attractive with her long brown hair and a normal outfit.

This brings us to the end of our list of the top 5 most attractive female characters. Let us know which female character you like the most from our list and if you have any more names that we can add in our list then let us know in the comment section below.

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