18 Best Paying Tech Positions And Average Pay Packages At Google

Jobs at Google

Google is touted as one of the world’s most sought after employers for techies around the world, and it is no secret that the main driving factor for getting a job in Google and other tech behemoths is the pay package.

It is imperative for software developers to understand how to negotiate salaries. These negotiations should center around the developer’s specialty and how it aligns with the company’s core competencies.

The search engine giant hires developers with expertise and experience. If you are a techie with skills in technologies such as Data Science, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML), you are likely to be offered a higher pay package.

The salary package ideally includes base salary, target bonus, as well as a sign-on bonus. Let’s check out the top 18 tech job roles and their average pay packages Google offers:

  • Vice president of engineering: $475,000
  • Software engineer: $100,000-$353,000
  • Director of software and site reliability engineering: $389,000
  • Engineering manager: $182,000-$260,000
  • Privacy engineer: $184,000
  • Application engineer: $105,000-$189,000
  • Research scientist: $132,000-$268,000
  • Data scientist: $105,000-$200,000
  • Product design engineer: $93,000-$153,000
  • Data analyst: $84,000-$162,000
  • Analytical lead: $92,482-$128,000
  • Hardware engineer: $110,000-$243,000
  • Hardware reliability engineer: $109,000-$126,000
  • Network engineer: $81,500-$187,000
  • Optical network engineer: $116,000
  • Manufacturing engineer: $112,000-$195,000
  • Mechanical engineer: $106,000-$124,000
  • User experience engineer: $116,000-$206,000

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