10 Things We Would Like To See In ‘Grand Theft Auto 6’


GTA fans have been waiting with bated breath for Rockstar Games to divulge any details about the hotly-anticipated sequel to GTA 5, dubbed Grand Theft Auto 6.

While nothing is set in stone yet, the huge Grand Theft Auto fanbase believes it will be launched soon with several improvements. Here are some of the things GTA fans would like to see in the next installment.

A better weather system

GTA weather system

For GTA 6, fans are hoping that the game developers take the weather system to the next level by including even more weather events such as wind, snow, or severe weather like hurricanes. This is likely to also impact how we drive in the game.

More Stores

GTA more stores

The characters can be customized by visiting a lot of different stores while playing online. Rather than spending all their money on cars and weapons, players can go to these stores to buy clothing. This will enable them to change up their look.

Custom Playlists

GTA custom playlist

Music is one of the many things that make driving around in GTA V really cool, with so many different radio stations playing their own unique mix of songs. Allowing players to create custom playlists out of the songs in the game, or simply linking a streaming service to their Rockstar account would considerably enhance the music experience.

More Robbery Options

GTA More Robbery Options

Players can do several things while playing online, including robbing a convenience store when they need more money. Hitting the same convenience stores over and over can get a little dull so adding more robbery options into GTA VI would make it even better.

Huge Map

GTA Huge Map

One thing we hope Rockstar keeps from GTA V and brings into the next installment is a huge map. Fans hope that when GTA 6 is released, it has a map as big as GTA V had, if not bigger.

Console Mods

GTA Console Mods

It would be nice to see the ability to add mods in the console version in GTA 6. This will enable players that aren’t PC gamers to experience all the unique (and sometimes unusual) mods the community has to offer.

Female Protagonist

GTA Female Protagonist

One thing that would make story mode in GTA VI even more engaging would be the game finally getting a female protagonist. If rumors doing the rounds online are anything to go by, this game may finally be the one that has a female main character.

Build Mode

GTA Build Mode

GTA Online offers a wide range of stunt jumps that players can take on in order to show off their driving skills, and it would be pretty cool for Rockstar to add to the game would be an on-demand building mode. It would be fun to see your friends and other players in your session come across the ramp you built and drive over it.

Improved Wanted System

GTA Improved Wanted System

The police are an essential part of Grand Theft Auto, and while getting a wanted level at an inconvenient time is never great, we like most things about the wanted system in GTA V. But for the next installment, we hope they improve it.

More Things To Do

GTA More things

GTA Online offers the player several options as far as things to do are concerned. Players can do jobs, or just explore Los Santos and cause mischief. Aside from that, players can go to see a movie, go golfing, and more.

Do you think Rockstar Games should introduce any other changes? Let us know in the comments section below.

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